About Thomas Mayers


If the name of this site didn’t give it away already, My name is Thomas Mayers. I am currently an elected Bollington Town Councillor who represents the Central Ward and stands with Bollington First.

Bollington Born. Bollington Bred.

I was born and raised in Bollington. I spent my first few years living on Palmerston Street and then moved up to Sowcar Way off Lowther Street until we moved to High Street when I was 9/10 years old which is still our Family Home.

My Sister, Brother and I all attended St. Johns School on Grimshaw Lane. It is here where I learned the foundations of knowledge and my time at this school began my lifelong interest in Ancient Greek culture, Greek Mythology and Art. I attended Tytherington High School, where I received 4 A-C grades namely; Art, Drama, English and Mathematics. I went to Stockport College and studied Performing Arts and achieved the highest grade attainable, a triple distinction. I attended Salford University but that wasn’t for me. I returned to Bollington and worked at the Adelphi Mill. I returned to University years later to study Psychology and graduated with a 1st Class honours degree.

I currently live with my Fiancée, Laura and her parents as we save for our wedding and a mortgage.

My hobbies include reading, I enjoy graphic novels and classical literature (To Kill a Mockingbird is my favourite book of all time). I enjoy writing, as I hope this blog demonstrates. I also enjoy music. I love playing the guitar and piano and am self-taught, but that doesn’t mean I’m any good! I love art especially Renaissance art and the whole Renaissance period in general. I have developed a keen interest in Science and Philosophy during my studies. I do enjoy a good real ale and good whiskey. I love TV especially The Walking Dead, The US Office and How The Universe Works.

If I could invite 5 people to a dinner party dead or alive they would be: Leonardo da Vinci, Prof. Stephen Hawking, Prof. Steven Pinker, Ricky Gervais and Stone Cold Steve Austin.



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