Standing Down

Over the last few months, I have been absent from Council meetings. Changes in my personal life and opportunities in my professional life have stretched me thin and I have found it difficult to manage a number of areas and responsibilities in my life, one of which being my role as a Town Councillor. Trying to manage the pressures of my job full time whilst completing another degree is proving difficult but it was a work opportunity I couldn’t miss. As a result I have made the difficult decision to stand down as Bollington Town Councillor.

Whilst this is and always will be one of my most proudest achievements, I have to accept the reality that I am not currently the Councillor I envisaged myself being back in 2015. As a result I am compromising the Council, and not representing the people who voted for me and I feel terrible about this if I am honest because I really wanted to make a difference and represent the Town and the people I have grown up around but I am unable to do so. So it is with a utilitarian philosophy and a heavy heart that I formally step down from my duties as Central Ward Town Councillor with immediate effect allowing for a re-election in February coinciding with Cllr Weston’s reelection of CE Councillor.

I feel privileged to have worked and learnt so much from members of this council and indeed the many dedicated and passionate volunteers who work so hard to make Bollington brilliant. I will be taking away many wonderful experiences and happy memories from my time on the council. I have met some wonderful people and made some brilliant friendships and I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given to represent on the council. Bollington is in great hands and has a bright future ahead.

Kind Regards

Thomas Mayers


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