The Green, Bollington: Opening Day

For months we have observed the refurbishment of the shop on High Street, Bollington. We learned through Facebook that it would be a cafe, something I think is a fantastic idea. Since the shop is located in my ward as a town councillor, I, along with Councillor Andrew Langdon,  Mayor’s Youth Consort Holly Brockbank and Mayor’s Deputy Youth Consort Leah Freudenau attended the grand opening last Saturday and met the owner of the Cafe, Emiko Myers.

From left to right: Councillor Andrew Langdon (Deputy Mayor of Bollington), Holly Brockbank (Youth Mayor), Emiko Myers (Owner of The Green), Leah Freudenau (Youth Mayor Consort) and Councillor Thomas Mayers.
From left to right: Councillor Andrew Langdon (Deputy Mayor of Bollington), Holly Brockbank (Mayors Youth Consort), Emiko Myers (Owner of The Green), Leah Freudenau (Mayors Deputy Youth Consort) and Councillor Thomas Mayers.


We arrived a bit early around 9am but I was in need of Coffee. As Andy and I waited, Holly and her Mum, Jennifer appeared from the corner of Water Street and Leah and her Mum came from the back of Holmes-Naden. This was actually the first time I had the opportunity to speak with both the Mayor’s Youth Consort and Mayor’s Deputy Youth Consort. I had in fact met them briefly at the recent Mayor Making, but it was so busy, I didn’t get chance to meet them properly.

Holly, Jennifer, Michelle, Leah and Andy

Emi met us and welcomed us in. The Green, was very fresh, open, bright and airy. Sometimes I find cafe’s/coffee shops a little too moody and dark yet, The Green was very inviting. We took a seat and had our orders taken. The Green catered for all, coffee, tea, hot chocolate (which looked fantastic). The atmosphere was superb. It was great to have a chat with Leah and Holly and their Mum’s and learn a little bit about them and why they wanted to get involved with the youth consort (this will be a future blog). I will say, I think it is brilliant the two younger members of the community are engaged with the Council. A pair of two very intelligent and driven young women. All I cared about at their age was playing football and playstation! They have definitely set the bar high, I believe they are a real asset.

The Green also has a brunch menu which is rather varied. Myself and Andrew got a “Barrow’s Wedge”, a thick bacon and sausage between two thick pieces of soft bread. I will never be thin! Leah and Holly opted for the pancakes with Nutella. Oh my goodness, that looked a treat. My Mum also came in with my Aunty and certainly embarrassed me in front of everyone too.

Such a good morning! – Leah, Youth Mayor

Just been to the opening of the new cafe ‘The Green Bollington’! ☕️Would recommend the Nutella and berries Pancakes! 😍 Such a lovely morning 😊 – Holly, Youth Consort 

I can’t remember what was funny?

In conclusion, it was a very enjoyable morning indeed discussing education, dreams, air/sea cadets experiences and listening to Andy’s bad jokes. It was a fun morning. The Green provided a great atmosphere and it was great to see how busy it got throughout the day. Throughout our brunch, people never stopped coming through the The Green’s doors. It was fantastic. For me, not only being a child who grew up on High Street and Palmerston Street, but now, as a Town Councillor for the respective ward. I am so pleased to see continued business to the area. With the Holly Bush receiving a substantial refurbishment and now the opening of another business in the area, it really is great to see the investment in Bollington.

I actually went back on Sunday with my family and did it all over again.

Thank you to the staff that made it a pleasurable experience. Good Luck to you all.


The views expressed in this article are mine and do not represent the collective or individual views of Bollington Town Council.

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