Parkinson’s Disease: University Project

I thought I would share a video that a group of fellow student’s and I created. Our Neuroscience lecturer has utilised problem based learning (PBL) as a teaching method for the half of the year and we were the Guinea pigs. The premise was to select a problem which would focus around a Neurological problem and go away and learn about it by working out how one would solve the problem. This was rather liberating in one sense because we would present our findings in any format we chose such as: presentations, performance, dance, interview. The negative part of PBL in my view was that it may have been a little easy to begin research and keep focussed on a particular aspect. This concern was shared amongst the neuroscience cohort, as they felt uncertain whether what they were learning was important or relevant to the problem.

I had the idea to make a video. I have done video editing before and knew that this would be a possibility and something we could do. I also knew that it would help cement the knowledge and may even help the other students. Below is the video we made and we put it on YouTube.

**Disclaimer – The actors in the video do not have Parkinson’s Disease or licenced medical professionals. They are students who made a educational video which much research was conducted before filming.**

For more information about Parkinson’s Disease please click the following links:

Parkinson’s UK

Parkinson’s Disease – NHS Choices

Michael J. Fox Foundation – USA

NIH – Neurology and Stroke



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