Christmas Decorations Throughout Bollington!

Christmas is fast approaching. And before we know it, the kids will opening the first window in their advent calendars eager to begin the countdown until good ol’ Santa comes down the chimney with gifts…for all the good boys and girls of course!

Christmas has always been a special time of year in Bollington. A Christmas Tree has always been centred in the Heart of Bollington, outside the Town Hall. Already a close-knit community, it truly is special to be apart of the carols around the tree on Christmas Eve. It’s very difficult to describe but it truly is magical and I would whole-heartedly recommend you attend.

Always laughing and joking around Christmas Dinner!
Always laughing and joking around Christmas Dinner! Photo courtesy of Linda Jepson.

This year the festive spirit will be decorated throughout all the village. Driver’s and pedestrians alike entering the village via the Silk Road entrance up on Bollington Cross will be greeted by a Christmas Tree alongside the Millennium Cross, which will look fantastic. A Christmas Tree will be situated outside the Town Hall with all it’s majesty as per every year. And Finally, We are also refurbishing the lamp post decorations on Palmerston Street.

This year the Town Council has decided to invest this money and significantly more in the additional large tree and refurbishing our older lights. Nevertheless we hope that traders and home owners along Bollington Road, Wellington Road and Palmerston Street will rise to the occasion and provide a good Christmas display through our Town. COME ON BOLLINGTON! – Bollington Town Council Facebook

In the past, there has been a lack of festive decoration throughout the village and if there has been any decoration it has previously been a little dated. As a Bollington Town Councillor, I am proud to be apart of council that has invested in the development of Community Spirit and making Bollington beautiful at such a special time of year.

Having spent each and every Christmas of my life here in Bollington, I am looking forward to seeing the developments for myself and I hope you all enjoy them too.


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