The 2015 Well Dressing season is underway!

My local town has SIX exhibits this year. The themes are what may be expected for watchers of current British cultural interests. But with one spectacular exception!
The themes have been commemorations of Victory in Europe Day (VE Day): 70 years. Magna Carta: 800 years. The Battle of Waterloo: 200 years. I will come to the exception later – none of you will guess what it is!

There are many and conflicting theories about the origin of Well Dressing.

The most touching I heard was that it was a kind of blessing and thanks for God’s mercy for sparing villages from the plague. Once villagers’ showed symptoms, it was said, the whole village took it upon themselves to isolate themselves from surrounding villages to not to spread the contagion further. Any food or necessities were left at the village boundary and no contact…

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