Blog: JCB Mud Run

Yesterday, I took part in the 2015 JCB Mud Run. It was a 5 mile course with 35 obstacles set to challenge you. I took part in the run with my Mum, Linda. I did the run in aid of a charity called The Mustard Tree. It is an organisation that works with homeless people and those who are marginalised. In my day job, I work with a number of people who have been able to benefit and move forward in their lives thanks to the help and support The Mustard Tree provides and continues to provide.

Minutes before the 5 miles of doom.
Minutes before the 5 miles of doom.


There was a plethora of obstacles; climbing nets, climbing ropes, tyre exercises, balancing poles and of course mud! There was a particular obstacle early on in the event which was like a bog. The bog was a thick, black, smelly treacle substance which came up to my knee and was terribly difficult to get out of. It was as if the more I tried the more harder it was to break free. One thing that did make me laugh about this was one runner who announced to her friends “these are easy, you just got to run through it”. And like a streak of lighting she run over the mud and cried “I’ve lost my shoe!!!”

There was a great camaraderie throughout the day where runners were supporting eachother. It was very inspirational. During the obstacles people were helping others to complete them. For instance towards the end of the course, there was an even thicker bog than the one previously mentioned, and this did stink! I saw two men come toward s me saying it’s better to do it in a group, so I put arms over their shoulders and joined them and we marched onwards. We got out of the bog and they carried on with their jog.

Wading through it. It was warmer than expected.
Wading through it. It was warmer than expected.

Another great example, involved my Mum. She had a picture of my Granddad on her shirt, who she was running in honour of. Another runner tapped my Mum on the shoulder and said “Your Dad is a very handsome man” this lead to a short conversation about him and what they were both running in aid of. It was a very positive day indeed. I would be lying if I said I didn’t surprise myself. I was rather nimble when completing the obstacles. I thought I would have been a bouldering mess. But I felt like I completed the obstacles better than I anticipated.

Was very happy to rinse under that water in the backround
Was very happy to rinse under that water in the backround

As Is it here now, a stiff, sore giant ball of lactic acid, I am proud to have done something that is positive and will help others. Yesterday, was an incredible experience and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I would definitely do this again and would recommend anyone to give it a go. In fact, I have my eyes set on the Bollington 10k on August 30th!

There is still time to donate to The Mustard Tree here on my JustGiving page.


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