Bollington First Hits The Ground Running

So it’s been a week since I was elected a Bollington Town Councillor, and now the smoke has cleared, the dust has settled and I am slowly returning back to normality, it is time to get some real work done. Andrew Langdon and I were voted as Bollington Town Councillor’s for the Central Ward, and like newly elected politicians, newly appointed managing director’s and new appointed football managers, we have inherited some problems from the previous council. As newly elected to the council, I am really keen to hit the ground running and start making some positive differences to Bollington. Which is why on Saturday, I met with fellow Bollington First councillors Amanda Stott and Andrew Langdon in our inaugural meeting in an attempt to put a plan together to begin to deal with some of the problems.

In the central ward there is on going dissatisfaction with the condition of the road at the junction of Hawthorn Road and Waterhouse Avenue. It is a thorny issue. The road is in rather bad shape, and this is because Cheshire East Council refuses to adopt the road as it is not finished. It becomes a complex issue because the housing developer has gone bust. Fellow Bollington First Councillor, James (Nicholas) informed me earlier this week that this has “been an on going situation for a few years now, but nothing seems to have been accomplished. The residents are increasingly unhappy”.

I arrived at Livesey’s Deli on High Street, Bollington a little after 10am, and was greeted by Andrew, Amanda and her dog, Ginger. Livesey’s Deli was pleasingly busy. It’s great to see so many people supporting local business’. I was recommended to give a Toffee latte a go, and I would make the same recommendation to you if you feel like a little stroll, perhaps take a good book too and watch the world go by. Anyway, back to business. The outcome of the meeting so far was this:

  1. We are going to contact the town council to ask; what condition does the road need to be in before they will consider adopting the road back?
  2. We are going to contact resident’s to get their opinions on what they think we should do and see how we can work together to get this issue dealt with.
  3. Once some details have been obtained and a plan looks to take some shape, it may be beneficial to arrange a public meeting to try and deal with the problem collectively by bringing the residents around a table to discuss a way forward.

We want to hit the ground running and start making a difference to Bollington sooner rather than later, but we need your input. If you have any issues, big or small, please don’t hesitate to contact Bollington Town Council. You can visit the website here

Alternatively, you could ask me on the following:


Twitter: @thomasgmayers1

alternatively, contact details can be found on the Bollington Council website:


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