What do YOU think the real issues of Bollington are?

My philosophy on the role of the Councillor is to represent the people of the community who vote to put you there. The values, skills and attributions to do this to a high standard are but not limited to: Transparency Communication Honesty Integrity Efficiency In an effort to demonstrate my commitment to these values, I … More What do YOU think the real issues of Bollington are?

The Big Issues: Parking

The role of Bollington’s Town Councillors is to make decisions to improve the lives of the citizens of their village. As I have previously mentioned regarding housing, current planning application’s can cause more harm than good. A devils advocate or a supporter of housing developments would argue “but Tom, think of how the new housing development would … More The Big Issues: Parking


Well, I must say, it has been a tremendous start to my campaign towards becoming a Town Councillor for Bollington. I recently wrote on Facebook how I was so overwhelmed by the positive response via social media. So far my Facebook campaign page has already gained 155 like, which is great. My website/blog has been … More Update